Conservation Tools Summary

Mississippi Alluvial Valley

The Forest Breeding Bird Decision Support Model (FBBDSM) prioritizes areas within the MAV for reforestation based on perceived benefit to breeding birds.

The MAV Land Ownership Database is a permission-access database that includes parcel boundary, name, and address information within the MAV of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Its purpose is to assist in targeting area-specific conservation goals and objectives.

The Mississippi Alluvial Valley Planning Tool is a database that provides a variety of data layers useful to conservation planning at the regional and local level (more experienced ArcGIS users can also access the Web map link to the Tool -

Potential Natural Vegetation maps help to identify the appropriate plant communities to restore at specific MAV sites based on the various site conditions.

West Gulf Coastal Plain/Ouachitas

The WGCPO Open Pine Decision Support Model prioritizes management and protection actions within existing pine and mixed pine/hardwood habitat according to the landscape-scale needs of three Open Pine Umbrella Species (brown-headed nuthatch, Bachman’s sparrow, and red-cockaded woodpecker).

The WGCPO Forested Wetland Decision Support Model prioritizes existing forested wetland habitat according to habitat suitability for the five Forested Wetland Umbrella Species (Acadian flycatcher, Kentucky warbler, prothonotary warbler, red-shouldered hawk, and yellow-throated warbler).