Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture


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Sixty percent of North America’s migratory bird species breed, winter, or migrate through the Lower Mississippi Valley, which is also the continent’s most important wintering area for Mallards and Wood Ducks.



To function as the forum in which the private, state, and federal conservation community develops a shared vision of bird conservation for the Lower Mississippi Valley and West Gulf Coastal Plain/Ouachitas regions; cooperates in its implementation; and collaborates in its refinement.


Restoration by Design

Read more about forests making a comeback in the Mississippi Delta, and the celebration of 700,000 acres of Wetland Reserve Easements protected over 25 years.


Innovative Science

Read or download a summary of the Waterborne Bird Survey pilot, which is sampling breeding birds of forested wetlands using survey routes positioned within rivers.


Conservation that Matters

Read more about ongoing restoration of the Lower Cache River in eastern Arkansas from The Nature Conservancy, a Joint Venture partner.


Get a glimpse of the once vast flooded forests of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley

and how the Farm Bill is integral to its restoration.