Conservation Delivery Networks

LMVJV CDN ALL 2018 Shade Relief.jpg

A Conservation Delivery Network (CDN) is a forum developed and supported by the LMVJV in which conservation delivery staff coordinate on-the-ground implementation of their otherwise independent efforts, resulting in heightened efficiency and increased support for priority actions.

The Arkansas MAV CDN represents the very first effort of the LMVJV partnership toward establishing unique, regionally based Conservation Delivery Networks.

The Arkansas-Louisiana West Gulf Coastal Plain CDN includes the upper West Gulf Coastal Plain of Arkansas and Louisiana.

The Louisiana-Mississippi MAV CDN is somewhat unique in that it is the first attempt by the LMVJV partnership to establish a bi-state CDN.

The Northeast Texas (NETX) CDN represents the first opportunity for the LMVJV partnership to establish a CDN in the West Gulf Coastal Plain region of the Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture. 

The LMVJV participates as a partner in the site-based Longleaf Pine implementation teams in both Texas and Louisiana.